Best Jabs in Heavyweight Boxing History

Since the very beginning of boxing, trainers have always suggested and reminded their fighters of the significance of the jab. I have heard many current professional trainers say that if they could upgrade any attribute of their fighters, it would undoubtedly be their jab. The reason for the fanaticism of this seemingly weak-pecking punch is the wide spectrum of uses that it has in the ring.

An effective sharp jab has the following potential in any given fight: It creates space, it derails the opposition as they start throwing a combination, it gives a fighter an opportunity to take time and feel out the movement of their opponent without much risk, it sets up for an offense, and last but not least it provides a very efficient way of scoring points and breaking down the opponent via punch volume.

A jab is even more crucial in heavyweight boxing. As these very big and heavy men move, their energy is quickly drained. A combination can sometimes leave a heavyweight fighter gasping for oxygen for the remainder of the round. The boxers who were able to master their jab and find a way to use it resourcefully, were much more likely to succeed.

When looking to the past and the present, a lot of heavyweight dominating champions had this very attributes chiseled to perfection. Following, is my top 10 heavyweight jabs in boxing history:

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